Why robinpay?

Because you save with every payment.

robinpay cuts intermediary costs and gives back to you. Earn cashback with every payment and simply watch your savings accumulate.

Scan the QR Code and pay


Scan the QR code with your app!

Review amount and Confirm


Tap to confirm the payment in your mobile banking app!

Review amount and Confirm

Save money!

It’s as fast and easy as that! By using robinpay, you will also receive cashback on all transactions!

robinpay Payment flow

Discover all the benefits of OpenBanking

Leveraging the power of open banking to make payments fairer, robinpay is transforming the way payments are done, using direct account to account transfer cutting all intermediary costs.

  • Quick, easy and direct payments.
  • Lower transaction costs.
  • Decreased number of fraudulent transactions.
  • Fast refund process and real-time transaction settlements.
  • Tailored services offered to end-customers.

Save with every payment using robinpay!

Payments = Cards


Forget about card details and simply use your phone. All payments are secure as we support all UK banks who are open banking ready. It’s as simple as a direct bank transfer… only it’s much simpler!

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No cards needed

You don’t need to worry about lost or stolen cards anymore, simply use robinpay to pay directly & safely with one tap.

Scan the QR Code and pay

Direct transfer

No more delays when paying with cards, enjoy instant fund transfers to all of our robinpay merchant network.

Review amount and Confirm

Send money

Split a bill with your friends, or send money instantly to them by simply sharing a link.

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