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Reinvest in your customers

Save all the intermediary fees and give back, making them happy & earning their loyalty.

Scan the QR Code and pay

Instant fund transfer

No more waiting for card networks to delay your funds transfer, get them instantly as soon as your customers pay.

Review amount and Confirm

Fraud risk reduction

The ultimate in secure payments as no cards or sensitive information is involved in any transaction, you can’t lose what you don’t have.

The fair way to pay

The fair way to pay for you and your customer has arrived and is here to stay. No more intermediary costs for every transaction with your customer. A rewarded customer is a returning customer.

robinpay Request


Any user of robinpay can request money. Just enter the amount and it will show a QR code.

Scan the QR Code and pay


Scan the QR Code with your app to make a payment. As easy as that!

Review amount and Confirm


Confirm the payment in your bank app in just one step. It is easy, fast and safe!.

Review amount and Confirm

Save money!

You have saved money! By paying with robinpay you save money in every payment.

robinpay Payment flow

Retain your customers with robinpay by rewarding them every time they make a purchase.

robinpay just made payments an exciting customer experience leveraging the power of Open Banking. Whether you have a physical shop, you offer professional services or you own an ecommerce business, robinpay will help you earn your customers’ loyalty. robinpay is the new fair way to pay, no more expensive fees, no more card fraud and fund transfer delays.

  • Instant fund transfer.
  • No need of POS.
  • Increased customer engagement.
  • Fraud reduction.
  • Off the shelf loyalty scheme.

Do you have an e-commerce site? Make your customers happy with instant cashback while cutting all intermediary costs.

See how other people is using robinpay right now!

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Bakery owner

For me using robinpay means saving a lot of money on commissions which I can use instead to reward my daily customers with cashback!
robinpay Request

Yoga professional

Finally I can easily request payments to my clients without the fuss of providing bank details
robinpay Request

Small coffee shop

As a small shop it’s crucial to save commissions and earn customers loyalty with cashback

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